The Croatian travel industry has boomed in recent years, and almost every international travel agency offers at least one travel program in Croatia. What most agencies fail to achieve, however, is originality, with many copy-and-paste offers recycled into ‘unique’ itineraries - with Split to Dubrovnik taking the cake as the most sought-after trip.

And while booking through a local travel agent may seem like the best (and safest) option, what do they really know about Croatia?

Explorer Club came to life driven by the desire to honor Croatian tourism, its unparalleled destinations, authentic hospitality, and proud people. Because who can give you a better overall experience of the country you’re visiting than a local with a lifetime of experience?

We’re here to show you Croatia’s best-kept secrets and untold stories, hidden gems, and genuine hospitality - to be the vault of verified information only a local can hold. Motivated by 100% authentic and hassle-free holidays without the inconvenience, irritability, or irrational choices made by travel reps outside the country, Explorer Club exists to ensure your next vacation isn’t a miss - and we have decades of experience to prove it.

Our one-of-kind guaranteed itineraries are conceived by masters of their craft, from members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service to seasoned seafarers, luxury yacht operators, and experts in their fields, like esteemed private chefs and top transportation services. We promise that Google can’t find what we have in store.

Because you’re the one taking the vacation, you should have a say too, right? We agree. All programs can also be adjusted to your needs and preferences, as long as your wishes are communicated in advance so we have enough time to make the changes. We think that’s a fair trade.

And if you’re still unsure about why you should choose Explorer Club for your next holiday in Croatia? Your booking is fully covered with 3rd party insurance companies (Allianz, Generali, or a similar trusted company)!

Have we sealed the deal yet? Your Croatian vacation awaits.

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